Oubai / winter Jasmin also known as Flower of Spring.
We hope that the joy of welcoming the new year(items) will continue.
I got the name from the flower.

Japanese antiques / Lacquer wareWe introduce the lacquerware of Japanese antiquesthat Edo, Meiji, Taisho, Showa period.

2016.2 「Oubai」大江戸骨董市にて移動販売を開始
2016.8 雑誌「GINZA」9月号(8/12発売)
2016.10 日経MJ新聞 (10/3刊行)
2017.5 雑誌 「CREA」6月号(vol.332)
2018.4 NHKカルチャースクール青山校 「蒔絵の器を楽しむ―装飾の意味―」講座
2018.9.8~ 蚤の市 タユタフ×Oubai+ふたつの月」
2018.9.9 「漆夜話 参の夜ー蒔絵ー」河井菜摘+Oubai
2018.12.25~ 「Oubai 漆・蒔絵展」書肆逆光
2018.12.26 トークイベント 鞍田崇+Oubai
2019.8.7~ 「クラフトマーケット by ヨリフネ」阪急メンズ東京6F
2019.8.11 トークイベント 鞍田崇+ヨリフネ+Oubai 
2019.10.16 明治大学「インティマシーをデザインする vol.04 五感で楽しむ古漆器」1日講師
2020.5.27 雑誌「GINZA」Website / ginzamag.com
着物スタイリスト / 大川枝里子連載コラム「古い器」
2020.12.19 PLAY TOKYO video
2021.9.18,19 鎌倉古美術展 @ 西御門サローネ(延期)
2022.3.26~ deps.(浅草・蔵前)Oubai POPUP
2016.2 Started opening a stall at the Oedo Antique Market.
2016.8 September issue of Magazine「GINZA」
2016.10 October issue of newspaper「The Nikkei MJ」
2017.5 June issue of Magazine「CREA」
2018.4 NHK culture school at Aoyama Meaning of decorative patterns course
2018.9.8~ Antique Market at H.Funayose gallery
2018.9.9 Talk Event with Natumi Kawai
2018.12.25~ Oubai exhibition at Gyakko(Tokyo)
2018.12.26 Talk Event with Takashi Kurata
2019.8.7~ Craft Market by Yorifune at Hankyu department store
2019.8.11 Talk Event with Takashi Kurata and Yorifune
2019.10.16 One-day lecturer at Meiji University’s “Designing Intimacy vol.04 Enjoying Old
Lacquerware with the Five Senses”.
2020.5.27 Magazine「GINZA」Website / ginzamag.com
2020.12.19 PLAY TOKYO video
2021.9.18,19 Kamakura Art Antique exhibition
2022.3.26~ Gallery deps.(Asakusa)Oubai POPUP